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Pilot is a pioneer in writing instruments, being among the first to offer a full environmentally friendly range. The Begreen is a range of pens manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles which matches the varied needs of you and the environment.

Pilot Be green video

Pilot B2P Gel Ink Retractable Rollerball Pen Fine Tip

Pilot B2P Retractable Ballpoint Pen Medium Tip


SKU : 4922505


SKU : 4922498


SKU : 5386671


SKU : 5386689

Pilot G2 Pen Refill
0.39 mm Blue

SKU : 6373377

Pilot BLS-G2 Pen Refill
0.39 mm Black

SKU : 6373359

Pilot Ballpoint Pen Refill

SKU : 1024458

Pilot Ballpoint Pen Refill

SKU : 1024457

Over 6.5 million bottles have been recycled into pens since B2P launched

1 bottle = 5 B2P gels or 2 B2P Ballpoints

Since 2006 the sales of Begreen is equivalent to the annual petrol consumption for 1700 cars

Manufactured in factories which are certified ISO 14001 and achieved EMAS certification

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