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The ideal workspace for collaboration and innovation

Workspace, collaboration and innovation are key themes for many businesses right now. How do you ensure your workspace facilitates and stimulates collaboration, and that ultimately leads to innovative ideas?

The right equipment is vital

Collaboration and innovation are inextricably linked and increasingly important for long-term success. It takes time, space and inspiration to come up with innovative ideas. This requires a working environment with many different spaces for collaboration, an informal look and feel and plenty of flexibility.

Suitably equipped spaces are also essential for good communication and for information sharing throughout the creative thought process. People need to be able to express themselves and record ideas so they can then develop them as a team. This calls for large writing surfaces on which people can work simultaneously and which allow the entire process of ideation to be visualised, right up to the final plan.

How Lean, Agile and design thinking influence our workspace

Organisations not only seek to work efficiently, they also want to stimulate innovation and be able to respond quickly to changes and customer requirements.

It’s no coincidence that Lean, Agile approaches such as Scrum and Design Thinking are so popular. These methods of change and improvement have one thing in common: they stand or fall with teamwork and visualisation.

The right working environment is an essential consideration when implementing these processes. Both traditional and open-plan office spaces can hinder these ways of working.

The best option is to have a working environment with different spaces specially equipped for a given activity. Employees find the spot within that particular space that best fits their activity. These might include team meeting spaces for concentration, creative brainstorming or for relaxation.

As already mentioned, visualisation is an essential element of Lean, Design Thinking and Agile approaches. To ensure this, people need to see and understand the necessary information at a glance.

Everyone needs to be able to assess the current status of a task, process or project in an instant, whether or not they are familiar with the project. To be able to visualise this properly, you need the right tools including large-format whiteboards and lots of accessories to aid the visualisation process.

Case study

Take a look at the innovative company, HARDT. This Delft start-up develops pods for the hyperloop (an innovative transport system). The hyperloop is an idea of engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk, a co-founder of Tesla. At HARDT, they dare to think big:

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