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Office Depot are proud to be working in partnership with CCS

You can be assured that we are a compliant route to market for you under RM6059.

We can help you save time, admin and money across a number of categories:

  • personal protection equipment (non-medical)
  • hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial wipes
  • first aid and fire safety
  • a range of office and electronic office supplies
  • art and teaching supplies
  • janitorial products
  • catering supplies
  • ergonomic equipment

We can give you flexibility on product, price and service and a quick route to market with the ability to direct award.

As restrictions lift Office Depot can help your organisation navigate the new normal. Click on the image to see our Back to work catalogue, where you will find products to help you…

Protect your Customers, Visitors & Colleagues

Replenish those Essentials Supplies

Make home working work for you

If you are already a customer, click on the links below to browse our ranges

Our environmental values

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business and operate a programme of continual improvement to assess and reduce all environmental aspects and their impacts.
Our commitment to environmental issues is expressed in our global environmental strategy, through the four value-chain concepts which are to increasingly Be, Buy, Sell and Tell.

We look for practical ways to reduce our impact on the environment across our entire business. There is still plenty to do.
This is an ongoing challenge for us to improve our business and the customers we serve. Below we have highlighted a number of our key achievements to date.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Ethics in Business Practice

We fulfil our ongoing commitments to responsible business practice by adhering to the highest ethical standards.
We ensure the relevance and effectiveness of our Ethics Policy through training, education and internal monitoring.

Supplier facilities inspected and regular reviews undertaken to audit compliance

Independent, accredited third party used for conducting onsite supplier audits

Review and approval of Conditions Assessment Programme (CAP) carried out to grade factory performance and guide suppliers to improve overall performance

Participating in product stewardship programme using Sedex principles

Charity & Community

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is driven by our core values and we believe it is important to encourage employee-wide participation.
We support associate nominated national and local charities and other community-based fund raising initiatives.

Dedicated Community Charity Committee (CCC) at each of our UK sites

Employee Payroll giving scheme gifted to individual’s chosen charity

Community development opportunities for colleagues to engage in from cleaning canals to decorating community centres

Festive projects such as carol singing and gift-giving to children, elderly and homeless groups

Initiatives for young people including work experience, school roadshows and internships

Help & support

We're here to provide CCS members with all the information, help and support they need.
There are a number of ways you can contact us...


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you can't find the answer you need please contact us.

  •  When I log in, why do I get the error ‘Page cannot be displayed’? Either your username or password is being entered incorrectly, or there may be an issue with your connection to the Internet. Please check the information you’ve typed and try again. Be sure the website address you are attempting to login to is Please contact our eSupport Helpdesk on tel. 0844 412 3555 if the problem persists.
  •  I'm trying to type in my username, but instead my cursor just jumps all over the screen? If you are using the number pad on your keyboard, make sure your num-lock is on
  •  Why do I have to change my password? For security reasons, Office Depot gives you the option of changing your password on a regular basis (30, 60 or 90 days). When prompted to change your password, you may rekey the same password again in the ‘New Password’ section & ‘Confirm Password’ fields. Please contact your Office Depot account manager or superuser if you would like to have your password set to never expire.
  •  When is the latest I can order online to receive my delivery tomorrow? Orders placed via Office Depot Online before 4pm (Monday to Friday) will be delivered the next day.* Orders placed on Saturday and or Sunday will be delivered on the following Tuesday* unless otherwise specified in your contract.
  •  Is there a delivery charge? No, delivery is free for Parish Buying members.
  •  What is the difference between a basket & a shopping list? The shopping basket is used for purchases you are making right away. The shopping list feature is used to create lists of commonly ordered products for future reference. You may have multiple lists on your account. There are two different types of Shopping Lists for fast and efficient ordering: Company Wide lists are created and maintained by your organisation's Super User. They can be used for ordering by all users. A Personal List is only accessible to the user who created it. To begin working with a Shopping List, select ‘My Shopping Lists’ on the Shopping Basket view at the top of the screen or under ‘My Account’. The ‘My Shopping Lists’ page appears with an index of currently available shopping lists. Once you have opened the list you want you can change the item quantities if needed, checkmark the box next to each item to select (or click ‘Select All’ at the top to purchase all items on the list) and click ‘Add to Basket’ at the bottom of the page.
  •  Where can I find my order history? Your order history is located within ‘Manage Account’ (in the red toolbar) under the ‘Order Tracking’.
  •  What do the asterisks mean on the ‘Additional Order Information’ screen? The asterisks on the ‘Additional Order Information’ screen indicate that the field is a mandatory field. In order to complete your order, information must be either manually entered in the field or a specific selection chosen using the search button to the right of the box.
  •  In Order Tracking what do the various order statuses mean? • Held for Approval - Your purchasing department may request to restrict your orders. Typically, a supervisor would be selected to approve and release the orders.
    • Held for Customer - You have opted to place the order on hold, adding to the order over a period of time until you are ready to checkout, after which the order will be processed by Office Depot.
    • Cancelled - Your order has been cancelled.
  •  Why has my order not arrived? Delivery tracking is handled by your local Office Depot Customer Service department. Please call 0844 412 3400.
  •  I am supposed to have access to several addresses for delivery. How do I change the default choice? On the ‘Additional Order Information’ screen, you will see your current address. If your company has given you access to multiple shipping addresses, you will notice a ‘Search’ button next to the address ID box. Click on the ‘Search’ button and you will be presented with the list of shipping addresses available for your profile. You may have the option of ‘Choose’ for the current order, and ‘Make default’ to make the default choice the next time you order online.
  •  What is a cost centre, a purchase order number, or a desktop location? These fields may or may not be required by your company. If there is an asterisk (*) next to the field, it is mandatory. This information is supplied to you by your company. If the field has a "Search" button next to it, you may click on that button to be presented with the various valid responses for that particular field.
  •  Why do I have to select the Place Order button to complete my order? If ‘Place Order’ is not selected, the order will reside on your PC and may be lost. The ‘Place Order’ option must be selected on the checkout page or the order will not be placed on Office Depot's system for processing.
  •  When I’m printing an order confirmation the right side of the page is missing. Why is that? There are settings in your browser that control the printing function. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can change margins under browser printing options: select ‘File’, select ‘Page setup’ and change the margins: Left to .25” and Right to .20”. If you like, you can change the Top and Bottom to .25”.
  •  How do I return or exchange a product? Returns & exchanges are handled by your local Office Depot Customer Service department.
    Please call 0844 412 3400 for assistance.
  •  What is a core product? Core products are products that you use on a regular basis and are identified with a blue C icon in your online catalogue. These core products have been agreed between your company and Office Depot and have been discounted especially for your company by Office Depot.
  •  What is 'Your signature authority uses an unknown algorithm'? Your Internet Explorer or Netscape software security certificate needs to be updated. This is usually handled by your company’s IT department. Updates can be found at the Microsoft or Netscape websites.
  •  Why do I get a message stating 'Certificate Authority has expired'? Your browser's certificate for access to secure sites has expired. Please contact your IT department to have the certificate deleted, or to have the browser upgraded.
  •  Why am I only able to see part of the screen on my monitor? There are settings in your browser that control the way content is displayed in your screen. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer you can change fonts under browser options - select 'View', select 'Fonts' and select 'Smallest'.
  •  What are the recommended web browsers for using our system? For optimum performance we recommend the use of MS Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher and Firefox version 3.0 or higher.